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 ✔ Building Name  reserved
Donor Wall  
A plaque on the Founders Wall at the entrance to the new Jewish Center $9,000 and up
 ✔ Shul Name reserved
 ✔ Heichal, Holy Ark reserved
Teiva, Torah readers podium reserved
Eastern Wall $18,000
Chazzan's Stand $7,200
Rabbi's Stand reserved
Bookcases reserved
Shul seating $18,000 (pending)
Ner LaMa'or - Shul lighting     $18,000
Shul Doors reserved
Chumashim/Torah books     reserved
Talit Stand reserved
Social Hall  
Social Hall Dedication reserved
Hand Washing Station reserved
Social Hall Furniture $15,000
Buffet Area reserved
Main (meat) Kitchen $54,000
Dairy Kitchen $26,000

Children’s Education Center

Education Center Dedication reserved
Classroom $18,000
Computer Lab $10,000
Main Entrance Dedication reserved

Entrance Lobby

Lounge $26,000

Coffee and refreshments Station $10,000
Medrash/Library dedication $40,000
Hebrew library reserved

Patio/outdoor lounge $36,000

Sukkah $10,000
Security/Surveillance     $15,000
Main Entrance reserved
Shul Entrance reserved
Ezrat Nashim $5,400
Social Hall $7,200
Rabbi's Study reserved

Library reserved

Kitchen (2)
Classroom $2,600

Other doors 


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