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Chabad of Northwest Arkansas was established in early 2005 to provide vital Jewish services to the local and visiting Jewish community of Northwest Arkansas. With the recent boom the area was experiencing along the growth of the giant retailer Walmart, the area needed a full time Chabad center that can provide traditional Shul and Jewish services to the local Jewish community and provide the vendors that visit with much needed services, including – minyan and kosher meals.

Our beginning was modest and small but as our activities grew our facilities were simply too tight to turn from Shul to social hall to Hebrew school to classroom and back around every week. Every holiday required us to either expand the shul by renting a tent or move the services or programs to a hotel.

While we were able to create many components of basic Jewish infrastructure like a Mikvah, a Hebrew School and even a Jewish cemetery. The only component still missing is a proper Shul.

It was time for a new home. It was time for a full service Jewish Center.

In October 2017, with G‑d’s help, we were able to identify a property in Bentonville that will be large enough to enable us to provide all of our services with comfort and serve as a true home for Judaism in Northwest Arkansas. The almost 4,500 square-foot property is large enough to have a Shul, social hall, classrooms and a kitchen. It is easily accessible for locals and only a few minutes’ drive from Walmart’s and Sam’s Club’s headquarters.

Over the last few years the building was entirely renovated and as of September 2020 we just need to finish furnishing the building, and pay up some final bills. We turn to you today to help us complete this project as quickly as possible by generously contributing towards a new home for Judaism in Northwest Arkansas. 

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