The Goals and Philosophy of Chabad of Northwest Arkansas:


In 1950 Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson became the new Lubavitcher Rebbe.  The main goal he set for himself and for the entire Chabad-Lubavitch movement was to reach out to all Jews with the kindness of the Torah. He immediately began sending his emissaries, trained Rabbis, to Jews all over the world. These emissaries, “Shluchim”, in Hebrew, at first numbered a few dozen.  Now, fifty years later, thousands of Chabad Shluchim live in all remote corners of the world, spreading the message of Torah, Mitzvot and Jewish identity. They work to enhance Jewish Community life, bringing Jews together and promoting the pleasantness of Torah and its Mitzvot, no matter where they go.


Their Community Centers, called Chabad Houses, form the resource from which Jewish Community life is promoted.  Everywhere there is a Chabad House, you will find the attending Shluchim promoting Jewish Community life, including providing educational programs for both young and old, home and hospital visitations, bar-mitzvah and marriage services, funeral services, and synagogue services.


Chabad philosophy maintains that the very word “Jew” refers to the indestructible soul of the Jewish person, rather than to religious practice.  Certainly there is no such thing as a “bad Jew” because the soul is what makes the person Jewish, not the person’s religious behavior. Thus Chabad accepts all Jews as a matter of principle. You don’t have to become a member of Chabad, because you’re already a member—you’re Jewish.  For this reason Chabad sees all Jews as family, greeting them warmly with love.


Your local Chabad House, Chabad of Northwest Arkansas, is one of thousands of Chabad Houses worldwide and the second Chabad House in the state of Arkansas. As a Chabad House, Chabad of Northwest Arkansas functions first and foremost as a Jewish Resource center.  All activities are geared towards fostering a sense of belonging and a positive identification with your Jewish soul.


Chabad offers a year round schedule of events tending to the needs of all age groups within the community, with varied educational programs and social services. We offer Adult education classes, Holiday programs and celebrations, workshops, lectures and much more.


we also provide special services for the Jewish vendors, in the area for Wal-mart. We provide prayer services, Kosher food and everything needed to provide a "Home away from Home."


Chabad philosophy does not measure success in physical terms - with figures, tables, charts, graphs and numbers. We don’t keep a list - every mitzvah is a success in itself. We’re not counting. We’re doing.


In keeping with this philosophy, our programming is engendered to bring the joy of Judaism, Torah and mitzvot to as many Jews as possible, in cooperation with local Jewish organizations. Whatever will bring Torah and Mitzvot to more Jews, we do. We strive to involve as many Jews as possible with great experiences in Judaism. And that’s why you have a personal invitation to Chabad of Northwest Arkansas - you’re Jewish!